A Team U Runner Reflects

There's poetry, and then there's poetry that contributes to serious world change. Dayton Martindale is a fellow Team U runner who published an essay reflecting upon his experiences with Team U. As you read, you'll come to understand that running with Team U is a powerful and transformative event that begs all of us to ask ourselves: what can we do to positively impact our own communities, and the world?

Click here to check out the essay published by Team U's own Dayton Martindale.

Speaking of Team U

A declared English major, Thomas Garcia is not only an talented writer, but he is an incredible runner as well. (Just ask him about the time he did a sub 1:20 half marathon...while training!) After running cross country during high school, Thomas got involved with Team U as soon as he got to Princeton. Take a brief moment to read about why he considers this one of the best decisions that he has made at college, in a well-written essay published on the Princeton admissions website.

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Round two in the Unite Half!

Team U had a great showing in the 2013 Unite Half Marathon. Apart from garnering awards for the largest and most competitive team, we raised thousands for Shoe4Africa's children's hospital in Africa!

Click here to check out the article published about Team U's recent race!

Expanding to Yale

The Team U crew is always pumped and psyched. But we're even more excited by the recent developments with our friends in New Haven. Three awesome Yale students are starting up a chapter at Yale! Did we mentioned we're excited?

Click here to read about an article published about our expansion to Yale.

Team U on the Front Page!

Team U started with a dream. And less than a year later we landed on the front page of the Trenton Times!

Click here to read the front page article published in the Trenton Times.

'College Magazine' Feature

Team U is transforming college campuses to even more awesome vehicles for change. We're so glad College Magazine picked up on this and published an article about our expansion. At Team U, we see it as a testament to the power of the dream.

Click here to read the article published by College Magazine.

Local Princeton Newspaper

They say all politics are local. We say all global dreams start locally as well. Ultimately, the dream of world change is made up by individuals coming together in their local communities. That's why we love the press from a local Princeton newspaper.

Click here to read the article published in the Princeton Patch.

...and more coming soon!