Training Plans

Whether you haven't run before (except to catch the bus) or are a seasoned athlete, these flexible training programs will get you to that finish line.

These programs are advisory, and do not replace sound judgment. If your knees hurt during a run, stop and walk. It’s better to under-train than over-train. The programs are not intended as a substitute for medical counseling. You should always get medical clearance by your doctor prior to starting any athletic endeavor.

Stretching and warmups/cooldowns are not included in the program. Despite this, these activities are highly recommended. Before a workout, start with a slow jog, follow the jog by a few minutes of light stretching, and proceed with the designated workout. A cooldown can be a slow jog at the finish of a workout.

The program was made with simplicity and flexibility in mind.


Half Marathon

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Fourteen Week Program, All Levels - Click Here



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For those interested in a more specialized program, you can browse a few good websites:

-Runner’s World:

-Hal Higdon:

-Cool Running:

If you are interested in buying a book, check out:

-“Run Less, Run Faster”:

-“The Competitive Runner’s Handbook”:

- "Daniels' Running Formula”: