General Training FAQ's


What if you miss a workout?

The most important thing is that you do NOT try to play catch up. It’s fine if you miss a workout here and there. Playing catch up risks injury. It’s just not worth it.


What if you cannot finish a workout?

If it’s just because you are too tired (and not from a medical condition like anemia or dehydration) then walk!


What should you eat before a workout?

 Something light, not too acidic, usually works best. Bananas are a convenient and cheap option. Energy bars (like Clif Bars or Powerbars) are popular choices as well. You will probably have to experiment a bit with different foods, but you’ll get the hand of it.


What should you eat before the race?

The same things you have been using in training! Do not try anything new on race day – it can be a recipe for disaster.


What should you eat after a workout?

Though protein shakes are popular, they aren’t as necessary for endurance events. Endurox or Accelerade are popular, but a bit pricey. Mother nature’s peanut butter with whole grain bread (and maybe some jam) is a pretty good choice.